We have been in the Discord tool and product business since 2020 and have provided our services to over 700 happy customers. Our main goal is to make Discord more fun, and if we may say so, this surely has already been a great success!

The Genefit team currently consists of 6 people: 2 main owners (Jonko and Zorkai), and 4 staff assistants (yns, Broken, Hass, and Frozen_Mythic). We try to provide 24/7 support to all our customers with a certain level of quality that you can expect from us.

Genefit currently plays a keyrole in providing a variety of Discord tools and services to Discord users. We have enabled our customers to do certain *special* things on Discord that were never done before without compromising their Discord account(s) in any negative way. For example: Velocity can analyze thousands of Discord messages while trying to redeem hundreds of valid and invalid nitro codes per minute without you risking to get banned or receiving any type of warning on your account.

Enjoy using GENEFIT!