Here you can find the Frequently Asked Questions for our discord sniper tool Velocity

What is Velocity and how does it work?

Velocity is a Discord Nitro Sniper. It works by analysing all messages sent in discord servers 24/7 and search for Discord Nitro codes. Once it finds a Discord Nitro code Velocity will try to claim it. Once the program has successfully claimed a Discord Nitro code it will immediately start looking for the next one.

So, do you never want to run out of Discord Nitro ever again? Than Velocity is the program for you!

What are all the features of Velocity?

We have 50+ features and we continue adding more.

• Super Fast
Velocity is written using golang. Golang is one of the faster programming languages available. This makes Velocity unique because it allows users to claim discord nitro codes in as little as 0.063 seconds.

• Fully Customizable
As a Velocity user, you have full control of the program. You can change and edit a ton of options making sure Velocity does exactly as you want it to do.

• Beginner Friendly
We have spent a lot of time making Velocity understandable and as easy to use as possible. Every option in the Velocity config file contains a brief description of what it exactly does and how you can edit it as a customer. In short, anyone can use Velocity!

• Constantly Updated
To ensure our Velocity customers are happy we try to update the program as much as we can. In our Discord server, we have a suggestions channel where users can leave suggestions in, for the upcoming Velocity update.

• Website Dashboard
Velocity comes with a personal website-based dashboard that you as a customer have access to. This dashboard can be used to download the Velocity program files (new and older versions) and reset your HWID.

• Tips and Tricks
To help new customers on their journey we offer tips and tricks to improve nitro claim success rates. We have an amazing support team and an amazing community to help you on your way 24/7

• Low CPU Usage
Velocity doesn't require an expensive powerful computer or VPS/RDP in order to run. You could potentially even run Velocity on a free VPS/RDP if you would want to.

•3 Sniping Modes
Velocity offers 3 different types of sniping modes which you as a customer can choose from. "Snipe using alts and claim on main", "Snipe using alts+main and claim on alt", and "Snipe using main+alts and redeem in the sniped account"

• Anti Duplicated
Velocity detects duplicated servers and duplicated nitro codes. This will help to prevent you from getting rate-limited or having multiple alts running in lots of duplicated servers.

• Stackable Nitro
You can get as many months of Nitro as you want, the only limit is you.

•Server Finder
Velocity offers to capture servers that it finds and save them in a .txt file. Velocity can capture:  "Members in the guild", "Guild name", and "Gift sent count".

• Discord Webhooks
Velocity support Discord webhooks. You can even fully customize them. We have an advanced webhook system that can send notifications on every event that happens.

• Multi-OS Supported
Velocity can run on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS.

•Multi Token Supported
We support an unlimited amount of discord account tokens to be added to your Velocity config file. This allows you to snipe on as many servers, which will boost your sniping success rate, as you wish.

• Multi Sniping
Velocity can claim multiple Nitros that are in a single message, image, or QR code.

• Paste Tools Supported
Velocity supports 30+ paste tools! Whenever it finds a paste tool file it will check it for Nitro codes. If it finds any discord nitro codes, Velocity will immediately claim them.
We support the following paste tools:
- 5
- 30

• OCR Sniper
Velocity is able to claim Nitro codes in images [Optical character recognition].

• QR Sniper
Velocity is able to claim Nitro codes that are in a QR.

• Embeds Sniper
Velocity is able to claim Nitro codes in embeds.

• TXT Sniper
Velocity is able to snipe Nitro codes that are in a Text File [TXT].

• Auto Giveaway Joiner
Besides sniping Velocity is also capable of joining giveaways that are being held in servers automatically. We support multiple giveaway bots, including the most used ones in discord servers. You can even edit after how many seconds passed you will join the giveaway. 

• Smart Giveaway Claimer
Velocity can join giveaways, but it can also automatically claim giveaways that it has won. Whenever you win a giveaway you can make Velocity send a message to the creator of the giveaway to automatically claim your prize. You can set even set your own custom claim message.

• Giveaway Blacklister
With velocity, You can blacklist certain words and make it join only specific giveaways.

• 0% Dependence
We do not depend on any third parties! We do not use any website APIs to check for QR/OCR.
Our auth system is always online & we care about your privacy, that's why we save your passwords encrypted using military-grade encryption.

How often can I reset my HWID in my dashboard?

You can reset your HWID every 48 hours from within your dashboard. Please be aware that the first time you login via the Velocity program, it will also count as a HWID reset.

Where can I download the Velocity program files?

Once you have purchased a program you will be able to register via that program's dashboard. Once you are logged in, you should immediately see the location to download the files.

How can I snipe more Nitros?

To snipe a lot of Nitro codes we suggest using a VPS/RDP located around US east instead of using your own personal computer. The VPS/RDP does not need to be extremely powerful, however the slower your VPS/RDP is the less Nitro codes you will be able to successfully snipe. We recommend to run an as little amount of programs while using the sniper to make sure Velocity can run as fast as possible.

You will also need a lot of Discord accounts (AKA alts). And I am not talking about just regular alts, but the alts need to have joined as many servers in which they are able to see as many channels as possible. This is to boost the amount of channels Velocity will be able to check in for Nitro codes.

I still haven't found the answer to my question!

Oops, please join our discord server and create a support ticket so our team can help you with your question(s) as soon as possible.

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Here you can find the Frequently Asked Questions for the discord tokens that we sell

What are Discord tokens and what are they used for?

A Discord token is basically a combination of your Discord account's email and password. Every single time that your Discord client (ie, desktop app or browser version) requests something from Discord, such as new messages in a channel, or users in a server, or to ban someone, it sends your account's token along with it. This account token authenticates each and every request that you do - it is how Discord can verify that you are doing them, and not someone else. But if someone else has access to your Discord token that person could get into your account, bypassing all your account's security measures (even 2fa).  

Your Discord token does not randomly reset every now and then. If you want to change your Discord token you need to change your password so your Discord client will create a new token and delete the old one. 

So why would you want to buy Discord tokens? Well, because they are so easy to use, they are often utilized in automated Discord tools/programs. The user can quickly login to the account with the token, make the account execute whatever the user wishes to, and simply move on to the next account within milliseconds.

My tokens keep getting disabled, what can I do?

Whenever Discord thinks a token has been compromised or is being used in automated programs they will disable the token. So here are some tips to not let this happen to your Discord tokens:
- Do not use any of these blacklisted tools ("DiscordHaxxDetails", "Raid Toolbox", "Spamisfun", "Nightly").
- Do not use any free crappy software that you find on the internet.
- Do not use free proxies.

Tips to keep your tokens alive longer:
- Avoid using DM spam / Friend Requests / DM Advertise.
- Avoid raiding any server that has Partner, Verified Badge, or total members count over 100k or server that has Rules Screening enabled or Server required you wait 10 minutes before you can talk.
- Avoid joining servers too rapidly.
- Avoid sending too many messages.
- Avoid using Hypesquad Changer.
- Avoid changing your avatar too often.
- Avoid using any 3rd party Online scripts.
- Don't use them for any malicious/illegal activities.

How can I manually find my own Discord token?

follow these teps to get your own discord token:

1. login to your Discord account using a web browser.
2. open a new tab and copy all the text on [this] website
3. go to the tab where you are logged in to your Discord account
4. open inspect element and head over to console
5. paste the text in the console and click enter
6. you can find your token in between the ""

I still haven't found the answer to my question(s)!

Oops, please join our discord server and create a support ticket so our team can help you with your question(s) as soon as possible.

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Here you can find the general Frequently Asked Questions for Genefit

What payments methods can I use to pay?

Regarding our automated shop, we only accept the following cryptocurrencies: "Bitcoin", "Ethereum", "Litecoin", "Bitcoin Cash".

If you want to pay using a different cryptocurrency or PayPal please join our discord server  and create a support ticket so we can help you out!

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Can I get a refund for my purchased product(s)?

All sales are final!

We do not offer any refunds whatsoever. However, we do offer support for all purchases.

How can I buy bitcoin with credit card / PayPal?

We recommend the following cryptocurrency wallets: for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and phone app wallet for Microsoft Windows, macOS, phone app, and website-based wallet for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and phone app wallet for website-based wallet

you can create a cryptocurrency wallet in under 3 minutes.
unlike some other cryptocurrency wallets, these have customizable transaction fees, and no minimum sending limit.

as current BTC and ETH network fees are high now
it's recommended you use Litecoin (LTC) or Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for low transaction fees and fast confirms speed

Our Terms Of Service

- All sales are final, you are not entitled to a refund under any circumstance whatsoever.
- You are responsible for all the tokens you buy right after purchase.
- If you have an(y) issue(s) with your purchase(s) please contact us as soon as possible.
- You will not use our service(s) and/or product(s) for any illegal and/or malicious purpose(s).
- Any chargebacks on Paypal without contacting our support team first will be counted as fraud. You will be instantly blacklisted from our shop.
- We are not responsible for anything after you purchase our service(s) and/or product(s).
- Use our service(s) and/or product(s) at your own risk.
- We only offer our service(s) and/or product(s) to users who are at least 16 years old. If you are younger than this, please do not purchase any of our service(s) and/or product(s). If you do purchase any of our service(s) and/or product(s) you represent that you are this age or older
- We reserve the right to change our Terms of Service at any given time.
- When using our service, you automatically agree to these terms.

Important! None of our accounts contain any kind of Personally Identifiable Information. All accounts are populated with random data, that is not related to any existing person.

Zero Tolerance SPAM policy. We are not welcome people use our service for any malicious purpose. You assume full responsibility for anything you're doing with accounts after you purchase them.